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40 Seeds Columbine “Black Barlow” (Aquilegia vulgaris) Seeds by Seed Needs

All 40 seeds were planted three months ago, and so far four seedlings have sprouted. Nowhere near ready to have flowers yet, but am very happy with the seedlings! Columbines tend to have uneven germination rates so I’m not giving up on the rest of them yet. Especially as we head into the colder months…they like the cold. I’ll update my review once the flowers start showing and I can comment on their gorgeousness.

Update: I have two surviving plants out of the 40 seeds planted. The flowers were smaller than I thought they would be, but then, the picture didn’t show size context. I am very happy with my Black Barlows and would plant again, given that I love unusually dark flowers. They have survived well through our Zone 9 winter in pots!

‘C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats, Fish-Flavored, 96 Chews

These were recommended to us at the veterinary hospital to keep our cats’ teeth cleaner in between cleanings. As we’ve only been using them a few months, don’t know if they’ve helped in that regard, although one of our cats has been back and the doctor said her teeth “look good”. She had a dental three months ago, so who knows if treats had anything to do with that.

But we do know that the “kids” love them. They go absolutely, hysterically crazy for them. I’ve never seen such a response to any treat. Our 2-year-old bats his around like a hockey puck, terrorizing it, stalking it, and finally devouring it. Our middle-aged mellow boy carefully contemplates his and eats it slowly, like he wants to savor every bit of it as long as possible. Our senior queen kitty picks hers up and carries it to a private place where she can dine by herself. Our kids are large and the size of these is no problem. At first I cut them into smaller pieces, but that turned out to not be necessary.

I only wish they weren’t so darned expensive. Amazon has the best price, but with multiple cats getting 1-2 per day, every day, we need to buy them frequently.