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Hyssop Lavender Seeds – 250 mg – Perennial


These are gorgeous, have 100% germination (in my case) very quickly, and really do smell of root beer (my reason for purchase)! They also draw bees constantly. If you’re allergic to bees I’d advise against this. They usually have bees on them. The flowers add nice purple color. I have them planted in gallon pots.

This is a great addition to an olfactory garden! It helps to rub the leaves to release the root beer scent. Don’t plant any extra seeds than you have room for because they all germinate. Enjoy!

Green Tea Signature Botanical Bulk Bath Salts Blend – 20 Lbs.


Another fantastic product from a great company. I’ve ordered constantly from this company for the last couple years or so.

These salts are very potent with fragrance, much like the lavender: they don’t cheap out on scent! If you love the smell of green tea, you’ll love it. Be prepared to rinse your tub very thoroughly afterward because it will form a ring that requires more friction to remove the longer it sits. Once I had to use Magic Eraser to get it off. But, it was worth it. There are lots of dark chunky flecks in the salts that float around, if that skeeves you out, you probably ought to stick with their plain salts. It really doesn’t bother me.

For a soothing soak, two cups of salts will do; if you want the full detox experience, use 2.5 pounds at a time. I have a deep soaker tub and that’s an adequate amount for a full bath. Don’t do more than two detoxes per week. I also use salt baths to soothe skin irritations/itching and to improve my mood. This is great to do before bed if you want to go to bed in a better mood.