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Dr. Hauschka Day Cream, Rose, 1.0-Ounce Box


This is as much a treatment as it is a moisturizer.

Because it costs so much more than anything else I put on my face, I primarily use it when there’s something else going on in addition to dryness: windburn, heat on my face, irritation of some kind, itching, or soothing the occasional kitty-kiss-that-became-a-love-bite. Nothing feels more soothing than this very rich, albeit expensive, cream. Most of my moisturizers are freebie samples or basic drugstore creams that I use daily; this costs too much to use every day. If it were more practical, I’d use it every day! Sadly, many stores exclude Dr. Hauschka products from other discounts they may be offering on other things.

If you have dry skin or are prone to sunburn or wind, and want a feel-good cream that smells strongly of fresh roses, and you don’t mind the price, go for it! I know some people say it’s too rich but I have dry skin so it’s perfect. I’m in my 40s.

A bit of trivia: when asked, this is the moisturizer Madonna says she uses. Of course she’s also had a mini facelift or more, but she still looks pretty good in her mid-50s and can afford any cream she wants.

Prevail Quilted Cotton Adult Disposable Large (12″ x 8″) Washcloths with Lotion 48 CT


These are very thin and not what I’d use for total body cleansing (No Rinse is the nice thick wipe for that). These will do for minor touch-ups at the toilet or cleaning our hands, but it does take at least three to clean a poopy butt.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen (Sports) SPF 70 6 ounce


I love the SPF 70 strength. I haven’t tried the others. This is great for those times I don’t feel like rubbing in lotion. There’s no evidence of sun exposure, even after being out gardening for hours. I’m one who doesn’t want any sun to get through, and this achieves that for me. Plus, I’m very vain and this doesn’t make me feel icky/sticky or look slippery. Thanks!