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Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White)

Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White)

The front nozzle doesn’t go “front enough”, ladies! I’m pressing the button as much as I can, but it still requires leaning all the way forward and practically falling on my face to get the water stream in front. I have been having pain in my low back as a result. These are obviously not designed for nor by women. The cleaning in the back is good, however. I love the nice warm water. Realize that it does come out cold at first, but it warms up quickly!

The air dry function is decent, but it does take several dry cycles to not require a final dry with toilet paper. So, we still need to have TP around, just won’t use as much. The drawback to the heated dry is that it also heats up the seat in the back, and we do not like heated seats. We have the seat heat turned off. But, due to the material the seat is made out of, it feels warm most of the time. Sure wish we could change that!

Also, the seat is very soft, and we prefer hard toilet seats. It doesn’t feel toilety enough. It’s like sitting on really soft furniture, which is probably what some people would really favor, but not us. It’s nice that it doesn’t have hard corners, but I do miss my firm toilet seat. It’s a shame that this type of item is one you really can’t try before you buy.

The back of the seat is higher than the front, so it’s not an angle we’re used to, going from regular flat seats. It’s uncomfortably high for me (I’m 5’7″) so my feet flex ballerina-style while I’m sitting there. I need to find something to elevate my feet to make it more comfortable. I’m in fairly good shape, no athlete or anything, but couldn’t imagine any woman being able to use this who has any chronic back problems.

Wish the remote control had a light-up face. We still have to have a nightlight in the bathroom or turn on the light to see it. It won’t be as big a deal once we’re used to it and can do it all by feel.

All in all, I love the clean feeling, having never used a bidet before. But I’m tired of the 90-degree angle I have to lean at just to get a wash, the seat heating up just to use the dryer, and the soft “whoosh” I hear when I sit because the seat’s so darned soft. Wish I could have the advantages of the bidet’s cleaning and reduced TP usage but not have had to sacrifice a cold, hard seat at a reasonable height.

Coway Bidet BA13 Digital Premium Bidet (Elongated, White)

Pet Cargo Cabrio Multifunctional Pet Carrier

So far our cats love this carrier, so it’s a win for us. It looks very classy and grabs compliments from staff and clients alike at the vet. However, the plastic is stubborn. To close the top and the door takes some practice. Please PLEASE, especially if your cat is likely to run out into a potentially unsafe place if it takes you a while to close the openings, practice opening and closing the carrier several times until you’re comfortable. I wouldn’t trust putting our most skittish cat in here until I’m much more comfortable with the top closure, for example, because we would put her in through the top.

The carrier itself is beautiful and comfortable. We leave it on the coffee table and the kitties love to take turns napping in it, even if we’re not going anywhere. Our cats are large and it’s only big enough for one cat, but quite spacious for one.