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Best Skincare Product Ever!

Monday, December 6th, 2010

We bought Polyactil for first aid and infection treatment purposes, but it has also turned out to be the best skincare product ever! Our skin (boyfriend and me) had uneven tone, irregular pores, and was prone to flakiness and chapping. Polyactil takes the place of exfoliant, deep cleaning mask, pore minimizer, acne gel, AND makeup to treat all those problems!

I recently attended an event after using Polyactil all over my face for only two days, and never received more compliments on my skin. Everything from it being clear, to looking young, to having a glow! It also erases zits without leaving any trace behind. You know that ugly stump that a dried up zit often leaves, when there’s no more life in it but the nuisance simply won’t disappear completely? Polyactil takes care of that. If the cost is prohibitive, then I at least recommend it for using immediately before having close-up photos taken.

With how many products this one tube can replace, travel will be much lighter for us. Really simplifies the skincare routine. Love the company, too — free samples and lots of useful advice if you have questions.

Whats your favourite tooth whitening toothpaste?

Monday, December 6th, 2010

hello:) so im getting my braces off in about a month and i want to start whitening them. I dont have sensitive teeth or anything, what do you suggest?

My favorite is Restore. It’s the best. It also helps to use Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush. I’m very happy with mine. Also, drink your coffee through a straw to keep it off your teeth. Cola too.

Will i grow out of my asthma?

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I have mild asthma and i want to follow my dad and join the marines when i get older. currently i am 13 and have asthma and worried i wont be able to enlist in the marines.

You can cure asthma by using Neumactil, available on Amazon. I’ve been using it for two months and no more asthma! I don’t use my inhalers anymore. You might want to check it out. People don’t usually outgrow asthma. It’s an inflammation of the airways, so the inflammation needs to go away. Neumactil does that. Good luck and thanks for wanting to defend our country!

Update: It’s now been a year of Neumactil use and my asthma has not returned! I also took a breathing test at the hospital and my results showed no signs of asthma whatsoever. Proof that the stuff works!